Technical Services
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP): We can assist owners and contractors with
    developing an effective plan that can meet any budget.  The State requires that any site that is part of a
    larger common plan or greater than one acre to provide and maintain a SWPPP. Areas smaller than 5
    acres are considered “Small Sites” and all other sites are considered Large.  Our CAD department can
    professionally design the Erosion Control Plan for any size site.

  • Permitting: We can assist with obtaining permits from the state and local governments.  We can submit
    on the client’s behalf the Notice of Intent along with the SWPPP in order to obtain Notice of Coverage
    under the General Permit.  Our technical staff can also assist in a variety of construction permits such as
    Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan, mining permits, grading permits and others.

  • Inspection and Record Keeping Service:  As a requirement of the General Permit, each site must be
    inspected every seven days and a record of the inspection must remain on site.  Each inspection must
    include a survey of all installed Best Management Practices (BMP).  Installations, damages and repairs
    of these BMPs should be recorded weekly along with any major grading activities.  A mailbox labeled
    ADEQ along with a rain gage is provided for each site and placed near the construction exit.  Our
    inspectors come to each site with regular hand tools and materials to make minor repairs on installed

  • CAD Drafting: Utilizing the latest software and technology our CAD department is second to none when
    providing accurate 2 and 3 dimensional drawings.  This service has been utilized in the land
    development and utility industries.  When provided with the proper information we can create surface
    models used to  compute quantities to assist contractors with bid work and progress reports.  We offer
    detailed pipe drawings for the natural gas, water, and sewer industries to assist with as-builds and
    record keeping.
Field Services
  • Seeding: We offer custom seeding to meet your needs with methods including hydroseeding,
    broadcasting, drilling, and hand seeding.  We have small and large hydroseeders and broadcasters from
    pull behind 6 ton units to handheld. Seedbed preparation and soil amendments are also available.

  • Hydroseeding/Hydromulching: We offer a verity of hydraulic mulches including 100% wood fiber,
    wood/cellulose blend, Bonded Fiber Matrix, and Flexible Growth Membrane.

  • Sod Installation: A nearly instant cure to exposed soil from wide open installation to custom fit installation
    around drainage structures we can meet your needs for sod installation.

  • Straw Blowing: We have a verity of blowers to meet your needs we currently have 5 round bale blowers
    and 5 square bale blowers to meet your needs.  We can blow wheat straw or grass hay to meet the
    specifications of the project at hand.  Hydroseeders are used to apply tackifiers or crimping is available.

  • Matting: Installations have included the standard Single Net Curlex, Coconut Matting, and Class 1,2,&3
    Dot Erosion Control Matting.  These items are used to stabilize side slopes or channel bottoms.

  • Sediment Fence (Silt Fence): Using only the highest quality silt fence (Teratex SC) along with steel T-
    post with a minimum spacing of 6 ft on center our silt fence can handle to heaviest loads in the industry.  
    The material is safety orange which gives the product extended life in the sun.  Wire backing is available
    although is most cases is not needed.  Most applications include the installation and the removal of the
    product to allow us to recycle the post and remove that burden off of the client.  Installation methods
    include excavation, trenching and most commonly the plowing method which minimizes ground
    disturbance delivering the cleanest installation possible.

  • Ditch Checks: Ditch Check installation is available with materials including rip rap, b-stone, sandbags,
    and the occasional staked straw bales.  Ditch checks are energy absorbers designed to slow the
    channelized flow of water and are only effective if installed properly.  A poor installation can result in more
    damage than good.

  • Inlet Protection: Including DOT installation of 2x4 frame protection, Silt Saver covered domes, Staked
    Strawbales, block and rock, or the specific projects demands we have you covered.  

  • Dust Control: Utilizing our hydroseeders and quality products we can reduce and eliminate your dust
    problems on your roads, jobsites, and arenas for weeks or months at a time.

  • Directional Boring: During line work projects sensitive areas such as wetlands and creeks may not have
    the option of open cutting   .  We offer duct sizes from 2” to 24” in rock or dirt.